Abhinav Sharma (Humans of Hisar)

Abhinav Sharma

Advertising is a form of communication that a company uses to give its product information to the consumers. A company that needs to Advertise itself and/or its products hires an advertising agency. Outdoor Advertising plays an important role in marketing of a company.

Hari Om Advertising Agency is an outdoor advertising solution provider which is growing leaps and bound ever since its inception in the year 2008. The company’s core business involves all outdoor media solutions, Hoardings, Pamphlets, Visiting cards, logo design and Brochures. Mr. Abhinav Sharma, the Director of Hari Om Advertising Agency through his in-depth knowledge of marketing gained at the time of MBA now utilizes in growing both his and client’s business. He also learned that any company can achieve success if it advertised properly and through right media. Hari Om Advertising Agency believes in delivering the high quality service and solutions

Hari Om Advertising Agency has a long list of corporate clients and it also has been an outdoor media partner for Haryana Film Festival from last 3 years

Q. As technology is upgrading day by day and digitalization is in process, what you will feel how it will help the traditional marketing or outdoor advertising?

Advertising is one of the most important aspect of growing business and is an investment that will pays for itself over and over again. Choosing the right media for business growth is a key element of the business. There is no doubt the rise of Digital media has given a new advantage to outdoor advertising. Information technology advancements can bring many benefits to outdoor ad campaign. The new digital ads format are not only flexible and cost-saving but can also be interactive, building a better brand-customer relationship. With the help of digital media, digital screens and interactive ads are displayed that build a link with customer and engage them even further.

Q. According to you, how outdoor advertising effectiveness can be measured?

The effectiveness of an outdoor campaign can be measured by clearly understanding the goal behind it. Outdoor advertising methods are used to inform the customer about your product and to increase the sales. The effectiveness can be measured if after starting the campaign, calls or website visits, store visits and number of purchases increases. Outdoor Advertising is a valuable marketing medium to build brand recognition and familiarity in a short span of time.