Ashok Dhingra (Humans of Hisar)


Ashok Dhingra

A Businessman's life teaches us a lot. Because there are many ups and downs in their lives and a successful businessman is one who rises leaving all the odds back.
Mr. Ashok Dhingra, owner of Om Mobiles is a pioneer name in the list of successful business owners of Hisar city.

From the starting, Mr. Ashok was interested in Electronics field but due to some unfavourable conditions, he started with a Restaurant. But his interest in electronics and its devices lead him to change the business from Restaurant to Mobile Accessories in a short span of time.
While dealing with mobile accessories, he simultaneously started selling mobiles. Gradually, he made all branded mobiles phones available at his showroom and the journey of Om Mobiles begins. Now Om Mobiles has become a one-stop solution for all the mobile needs.


Q. Being a mobile shop owner how you earn when e-shopping provide mobile phones very cheap?

Yes, the e-commerce websites are providing smartphones at cheap rates and there are many smartphones that are sold exclusively only online. But there is a big part of the population who are still not connected to the internet. On the other hand, there are people who don't feel comfortable while shopping online. We have many customers who feel satisfaction only when they buy from the shop as they can hold the phone in hand and get surety about the features. So these customers are still a source of earning for us. Though this is changing very fast, more and more people are connecting to the internet and they are also shopping online now.

Q. Nearly half of the parents worry their child is addicted to mobile devices, are you also one of those parents?

A survey found 47% of parents worry their child is addicted to their mobile device. We as a parent are also worried about children health when they use phone irrationally. Every day we encounter with such parents who are worried about the usage of the phone by their children and they insist to apply a lock so that the phone can’t be open by children. Many devices and services feature parental controls, but some parents may not be aware they exist. Like parents did not know YouTube — which has faced scrutiny over how easy it is for kids to find inappropriate videos — offered parental controls.
And for parents who worry their kids spend too much time on their smartphones, here are some tips:
    Set time limits and enforce them.
    Explore parental controls.
    Educate them about the harmful effects of overusing the smartphone.