Dinesh Nagpal (Humans of Hisar)

Dr. Dinesh Nagal

Dr. Dinesh Nagpal has more than 10 years experience in the education industry. He has addressed hundreds of career counselling seminars across the country and abroad. He is well known academic consultant and motivational speaker across the country, very much popular among his students as “Friend Philosopher Guide”. Dr. Dinesh Nagpal is originally from Hisar, Haryana and is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Apart from this, he is an International Cricket Commentator for AIR since 1989; he is known for his unique style of speaking and popular among both students as well as parents. He is also doing pioneering work in the field of parenting for young parents.

Q. How can one stay focused on one’s goals in today’s environment when there are so many distractions?

The first and foremost thing is that Life is a permanent classroom. Desire to learn new things are always the key to success. One just needs to keep his/her eyes open so that he/she learns from each and every situation. Life gives exciting possibilities when you stop bothering about others’ opinion. One must have a clear idea of what he wants to achieve in life. A clear vision with much-focused efforts is a complete recipe for success.

Q. Why there is a need for career counselling and motivational seminars for the students?

Choosing the right career for a young person is a very hard job. Students in INDIA complained that they made a wrong career choice. The people who make wrong career choices suffer a lot later as adults. The major reasons for wrong career choices in INDIA are lack of knowledge on part of parents and students, shepherd mentality, refusal to look at new avenues.

Career Counseling involves scientifically developed aptitude tests and personality tests that helps a student to decide which career is best for him/her on the basis of aptitude and personality. These counselling and motivational sessions are for boosting the morale and confidence and to give new directions to the students which will be beneficial for the whole society.