Dr. Ajeet Teltia (Humans of Hisar)

Dr. Ajeet Teltia

For a parent, it is the life’s most important decision to decide on which Pediatrician they should choose for their young ones as pediatrician is a physician who is always there for your ill child’s wellness and advise you on prevention, safety issues and guide you on parenting concerns that come with the ever-changing stages from newborn to young adult.

Dr. Ajeet Teltia, who is a reputed child specialist having more than a decade of experience and is presently working as Consultant Pediatrician at Sewak Sabha Hospital is the first choice of parents for their children. Dr. Teltia is an MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Kota and completed his Diplomate in Child Health from SMS medical college, Kota. He further worked as senior resident –Pediatrics at Agroha Medical College and Medical officer at Civil Hospital, Hisar. He is also a member of IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrician) and NNF (National Neonatology Forum).

Q 1. What are some of the common pediatric diseases that every parent must be aware of?

Being a parent, it is necessary to be conscious about the most common diseases that are prevailing among children.
With the basic information about diseases, it is necessary to be aware about the treatment plan also.

1. Common Cold: is an infection caused by viruses in the respiratory tract. Symptoms of a cold include runny nose,
congestion, and cough.

2. Ear Pain: Ear pain is very common among children. The cause of ear pain can be ear infection, pressure from a
cold or sinus infection, teeth pain up the jaw to the ear.

3. Urinary Tract Infection: UTI’s Stand for Urinary Tract Infection caused when bacteria build up in the urinary tract. Symptoms include burning during urination, frequent urination, abdominal
pain, or side or back pain.

4. Skin Infection due to bacterial and virus attack.

5. Bronchitis: is a lung infection occurs in toddlers and children upto the age of 10 years.

6. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: children under age 5 are most likely to catch it, through saliva, fluid from blisters and possibly viral shedding through stool. Painful sores may develop in the back of the throat and Skin rash on the palms and soles.

Q 2. Suggest some tips that can help nervous first-time parents to feel confident about caring for a newborn.

When a couple start the family life with a new born and elders of the family are not around, they should follow some tips to care of new born

1. Hold the new born with clean washed hands as young ones have poor immune system which makes them catch infection easily.

2. Never do activities like shaking, jiggling or throwing the baby in the air.

3. Breast feeding is the best milk for the new born and can be continued till two years of age

4. New born baby sleeps most of the time. Don’t disturb them in between the sleep.

5. Always follow the vaccination chart as prescribed by the doctor. Doctor not only gives vaccination but also assess the child development, growth and general health.

6. For infants, the attachment contributes to their emotional growth, which also affects their development in other areas, such as physical growth. Love your child unconditionally.