Dr. Amit Saini (Humans of Hisar)

Dr. Amit Saini

When someone has been stopped in his or her life by bone, muscle or joint pain at any time and any age, keeping people of all ages from working or enjoying life, they can benefit from the expertise of an orthopaedic surgeon. These doctors treat and help people lead happier and more productive lives
He is an eminent Orthopaedician, famous for Joint Replacement, Trauma Surgeries and Paediatrics orthopaedics. His extraordinary caliber lies in Pelvis and Acetabulum Trauma and procedures such as primary and revised total hip replacement, revised and total knee replacement surgeries, cancers of bone, birth deformities corrections, patellafemoral arthoplasty has made him stand out as a star in the field of orthopaedics.

Dr. Amit Saini, began his medical education at Tripura Medical College Agartala in 2007. He became junior resident orthopaedic surgeon in 2012. He has also done Diploma and DNB in orthopaedics from Himalayan Institute, Dehradhun and Birrd Hospital Tirupati ,Andra Pradesh respectively. Earlier he served as senior consultant in orthopaedics at Minda Hospital, Bagla and currently working at Sapra Multispeciality Hospital

Q. What technological advancements in orthopaedic surgery you are looking about at the moment?

I am looking forward to the potential for robotic surgery. This will have endless opportunities in future. Robotic surgery means that the incision can be very small, means a less invasive procedure which is more precise and the surgeon can manipulate tools that are much smaller than regular tools. In this patients will also have significantly shorter recovery times as compared to nowadays treatment.

Q. According to an Ortho surgeon, what is the key to a long, healthy life?

As an orthopedist, I constantly see patients having joint damage that comes from arthritis. It is easier to keep arthritis and other joint pain under control when people maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining body weight not only helps in arthritis but also reduces the chance of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and strokes. People should find time for themselves from their busy schedule. They should exercise evening / morning walks regularly after the orthopedic issues are treated, to burn calories.


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