Neeraj Bajia ( Humans of Hisar)

Neeraj Bajia

Neeraj Bajia, a young, emphatic writer who left an eminent field of medical studies just to find his passion, is indeed a source of inspiration for all.
Born in 1990, he did his primary schooling from St. Mary’s and High Schooling from New Yashoda Public School. Neeraj was always a brilliant student. He choose medical after tenth and went to Kota in class 12 for study. The fruit of his dedication came out as AIPMT 1st Rank holder in prelims and 93 rank in Mains. He got 21st rank in AIIMS and in Haryana PMT: rank 1.
Joined MBBS course at AIIMS in 2007 but after every class he kept asking himself —If I will ever be truly happy in the medical field and am I really born to do this passionately for my whole life? No doubt, he was very good in academics but was not able to concentrate on MBBS studies. Family counseled to complete the course and then follow your passion,  but Neeraj decided to quit and the final decision was made in 2010 and he left MBBS. This was not the ending. With more motivation, he entered a new field of study, Veterinary science at HAU, Hisar in 2010 but search for zeal and enthusiasm was still there and during these two years, he worked on himself and was able to find his passion i.e. WRITING and TEACHING.  After finding his dream, he quit VS course in 2012.
During year 2012-16, he honed his writing skills and also studied his favorite subject, Physics, and did his graduation, B.Sc. (Hons). Neeraj completed his first novel ‘EVENING’ by the end of 2017. Evening is based on childhood, school adventures, and life of students in the city of Kota, and moreover, it depicts the beautiful relationship between grandparents and grandson. It is available in market right now! Readers have responded very positively to the novel ‘Evening’ and Neeraj is currently working on its sequels.  During his first novel writing years (2012-2017), he also indulged himself in teaching and taught 5 students who are now reputed professionals. One of them is Dr. Sunil Maan (selected in AIIMS-Raipur, and recently got 567 rank in NEET PG 2020. He plans to be an orthopedic surgeon), other one is Dr. Sandeep Dhayal (VS Surgeon), and also Dr. Ankesh Poonia (working presently in ICU, Jindal Hospital, Hisar), and Dr. Manish Garg (selected in PGIMS Rohtak), and last, but not the least, Miss Anu Sheoran (M.Sc. Biochemistry-KUK, NET qualified).

As soon as he found his passion, he started giving his best and proved himself. After the first novel, his second novel NIGHT, based on his twisting and tangling life at AIIMS, is all set to release in 2021 and third novel, MORNING, is in writing process.

Outstanding Academics: 
2007- AIPMT (Pre) - 1st Rank
2007- AIPMT(Mains)- 93 Rank
2007- AIIMS- 21 Rank
2007- Haryana PMT- 1st Rank
2010- AIPVT (HAU)-1st Rank
2010- VS- 1st Rank
2014- KVPY- 2nd Rank
2014-2017- IGNOU- B.Sc (Hons.) Physics
2017- GJU- M.SC (Physics) Entrance- 1st Rank

In today’s world, where everyone is running towards job and money, you left the most prestigious profession of a medico to follow the passion. Guide some tips on how others can find their passion?

Finding your passion is a matter of what you value. People find it difficult to find as their responsibilities and expectations keep them away from the things that sparks them. Anyone who wants to follow his dream or passion, should be self aware. A person should know himself/ herself. What is it you value enough to leave a good job/a safe career for? Recognizing this will help you to prevent wasting time on useless things. Always try to talk to people who shared same interests or who value your thought process. In finding your passion, it's really important to have people whom you can share your ideas, goals and aspirations with, without any fear.  Be ready to face obstacles, it’s a must in any good life worth living. Face your fears with a positive attitude. Explore new opportunities and try to do more of what you love to do. Always remember: Those who dare to dream, do bring beautiful and significant changes in society.