Pooja Grover (Humans of Hisar)

Pooja Grover

Ms Pooja Grover is originally hailed from Uttar Pradesh. She came to the Guru Jambheshwar University Hisar in 2005 as a CSE lecturer. During the 12 years of her professional experience, she has served various roles such as Senior Lecturer in CSE Department at BRCM College of Eng & Tech, Associate Professor / HOD-IT Deptt & Coordinator Career Counselling at Om Institute of Technology & Management, Academic Coordinator & Computer Teacher at St. Joseph International School, Vice-Principal at Rigveda International School and Scottish International School and presently working as Managing Director at Ours Academy.

She has presented many papers in national and international journals. She has also been awarded as Special Mention Faculty Award by Academic Brilliance Academy in 2013. She has showcased her innate leadership qualities at all levels of education and professional front.

For her students, she is an encourager. She always has a speech that can motivate a
child no matter what they are going through. She’s a motivator and a child counsellor who can see greatness in every child and pull it out in a way that gives a sense of pride and accomplishment to them.

Q1 According to your experience, why do you think child counselling is important or necessary?

Childhood is a significant landmark in the life of each individual. Anything that happens at this stage has a direct impact on their later life. The quality of the child's relationship with their parents, siblings and the environment they grow in has a significant impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development.

In today fast pace life, academic and social pressures, family breakdowns, poverty, violence, inadequate care and failure in love and career are the main issues that are likely to cause emotional, physical and mental health issues in the long run.

In these cases, Child counselling is important because it provides the child with an opportunity to learn how to regulate the emotions and understand the connection between their feelings and behaviour in order to have greater control over them. Child counselling helps in promoting self-esteem & confidence, increased social skills and decreases anxiety and depression.

Q2 A small message for the tiny buds that are in the ing stage of their career from your side?

"If speaking is silver; then listening is gold." this is the life mantra that I want to give to all the children out there. Being a good listener will make you learn more as compared to speaking. Always work with honesty and loyalty. Manage the time and have perseverance. Your hard work will surely pay off, that’s why have patience and keep working. Never think for achieving the success on short term notes.