Sunita Reddu (Humans of Hisar)

Sunita Reddu

Mrs. Sunita Reddu grew up in Rohtak and received her Bachelor of Arts from Maharishi Dayanand University. Mrs. Reddu completed her Masters in Arts from Kurukshtera University. She also holds a Master of education degree from MDU.

She came to Hisar after her marriage and used to do teaching till 1998. Her strong teaching background and zeal to work, led the foundation stone of first play school in Hisar, in the year 2000 at Azad Nagar as Bluebells convent school. Mrs. Sunita is a true visionary, Principal, and leader! With her emphasis on relationship building and leadership, she has developed many outstanding teachers and children. She has implemented and directed excellent curriculum due to which in just 5 years, Bluebells convent school rose from play group to class 8th standard. The school works on building discipline and hygiene habits among children that’s why it has classes up to middle level only. The reason behind it is that elder students who are in class 9th and 10th, they are more indulge in mobile technology and it’s quite difficult to manage them. Thus Bluebells school work on small students and make them disciplined. Mrs. Redhu acts as one man army for the Bluebells school as she handles all the finances, administration and management decisions.

Mrs. Sunita considers Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as her role model. Like Mr. Bachchan, she has to faced some financial crisis in her life but took motivation from Mr. Bachchan, she overpowered the situation with positive attitude and determination. With in-born quality of leadership and has family background in Politics, she became politician in 2011. She is greatly influenced and inspired from beliefs of Mr. Narendra Modi, hence joined BJP as Pradesh Sahayak Shikshak prakosht to encourage the women empowerment. In 2014, she became Zila Sachiv.

Awards & Accolades

She has been awarded by I.G Rao with Best Education award from Lok Nirman NGO. Another reward that she gets from Lok Nirman NGO is Social Achievement Award. Lion’s club considers her as Best Administrator from last 5 years. She has also been awarded with Excellence award from Women Dedication Magazine.

Q. From being a mother to a teacher and now a successful entrepreneur, what have been some of the lessons that you have learnt during your journey.

I’ve learned so much over the past years and learning in present too. No doubt, it’s quite difficult for a female to be an entrepreneur, social worker and politician in addition to being a wife and mother. My journey as an entrepreneur has undergone an amazing experience. The lessons that I’ve learned are:

DREAM BIG: Dream big and do things you want and love

HAVE PATIENCE: As Rome is not built in a day same nothing can happen overnight, they take time, learn to be okay with it.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE: You’re not on the same journey as anyone else, so don’t compare yourself to someone else ever.

BE DISCIPLINED: Being disciplined is a necessity for an educationist. If I will not follow rules and norms, then how could I expect children to be disciplined.


Q. Female entrepreneurs are less as compared to male in the country like India. Being an entrepreneur, according to you how females can empower themselves for professional front?

Survival in a male dominated society is difficult for a female to emerge as leader on the professional front. There are several challenges a woman has to go through every single day. However, women entrepreneurs and leaders in India have made their mark and have been able to grow and flourish immensely over the years. They should be constantly encouraged and empowered especially on the professional front so as to emerge as great leaders.

1. Self-confident: before encouraging others to have faith in you, first you should have faith and confidence on yourself. The business that you are going to start, you must have complete know-how and plan to describe your project.

2. Try Harder: In society like India, where woman mean sitting at home, doing household chores, taking care of children, making food, etc. So, when a lady tries to break this stereotyping, she has to face obstacles. So keep yourself motivated, energetic, and try until end to be successful.

3. Accept Failure: Failures are great proof that you have taken the necessary risks in your journey. Women are more affected by failure and it affects their confidence. But remember one failure doesn’t mean that the journey is over. Accept the failure whole heartedly and work with more determination.

4. Keep Learning: Knowledge is the key to innovation, growth and success. Every successful entrepreneur is an avid learner. When you stop learning, it means you are not growing. Be updated with new information and techniques.

5. Take Feedback: Feedback is very necessary for any business. When you think of becoming an entrepreneur, take suggestions and feedback from everyone. You will meet a lot of doubters and people who do not get or understand your vision.  Avoid these people that do not inspire you to move forward.