The Lazeez (Humans of Hisar)

The Lazeez

Lazeez Restaurant in Hisar, opened in 1985 is the city's oldest and finest Indian vegetarian family restaurant. In those days when the idea of a fine dine was limited to big cities only, Mr. Krishan Bansal pioneered the trend of elite restaurants in a small city like Hisar. The dream he saw could not have been materialized without his pillars of support, his brothers Mr. Rajesh Bansal and Mr. Manoj Bansal. Their relentless effort, passion for good food and an eye for exemplary talent led them to build a strong team at Lazeez which helped them to create a brand name that it is today.


Their mission is the same as it’s always been, to be the first choice for Hisarians when eating out. They have achieved it over the years by consistently serving quality food in a pleasant and serene ambience. To keep pace with changing times, the company has constantly innovated and evolved. They take great pride in having served and hosted for eminent personalities like Mr. L.K. Advani, Mr. Narender Modi and various film celebrities. The signature dishes of the Lazeez restaurant are sizzler, Minestrone Soup, Butter Naan, Khasta roti which are in demand by client again and again. The love for sizzler and minestrone soup pull foodies from across the state. The menu also offers Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines.

Mr. Krishan Bansal

Mr. Rajesh Bansal

Mr. Manoj Bansal

Q What’s the key ethos at Lazeez and what makes you happy about it?

The main thing for us is to serve quality over quantity. Fresh ingredients, customer service and providing a nice ambience are the main ethos at Lazeez any one can experience. Ambience is key of any restaurant. It sets the tone for the food before a customer even sit down and looks at a menu. We pay attention to decor, hygiene, and menu design and see if everything fits the type of food served. Second is the customer service. Greeting a customer with a smile has more impact than you think it would. For a fine dining restaurant, waiting in queues to get seated can be a major turn off for guests. We work on this and always try to reduce the gap between order and serving time. Our happiness lies in making people happy and letting them forget about the outside world for the couple of hours that they are there with us at Lazeez!

Q People Eating out indeed have become very health conscious, how restaurant owners can satisfy them in this aspect?

Eating out is no longer a weekend or holiday event, as couples or young families begin to frequent restaurants regularly or order food in. Eating out is much more common among dual-income families during the working week instead of the pattern of eating out at weekends. It is estimated that about 60% of the people eat outside nowadays. Though people are eating out but they love to go places or eat delicacies that are healthy and provide nutrition. Restaurant owners can satisfy them by maintaining the quality of the raw materials, adding new healthy items in the menu, preparing food in hygienic conditions and is transparent in making their dishes.