Tilak Jain & Sunil Jain (Humans of Hisar)

Tilak Jain & Sunil Jain

Tilak Jain & Sunil Jain are two names that are famous not only among commerce students but they are source of inspiration for every individual. They are well known as Directors of Vishesh Academy of commerce where they prepares future Chartered Accountants and Company Secretariats.

Early Life:
Economically weak condition with less number of resources but academically strong background led the way of Vishesh Academy of commerce in 2005. To earn bread and butter for the family, they started their journey with a table and 3 chairs in a classroom which has now turned into full fledged technology based classrooms.

Vishesh Academy of Commerce

They started with a classroom for 3 students at home and within the space of year, the class grew from three students to thirty, and after three years there were hundred students enrolled. And for mentoring the large number of students, they rented a place at Fawara chowk which is present day Vishesh Academy of Commerce.

The students tutored from them have came out as a successful CA and CS. The both Tilak Jain and Sunil Jain are incomplete without each other. Tilak Jain is a very good teacher but Sunil Jain is a life coach along with the teacher. He has mentored and directed so many students and parents during their difficult time of the life.

Tilak Jain

Sunil Jain

Q. How commerce education plays a significant role in shaping student’s career?

Commerce is one of the fundamental academic streams. While pursuing a course in the field of commerce,student acquires the knowledge of business or trade, nature and fluctuations in market, basic of economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies etc. The concept of commerce consists of interdisciplinary branches including Accountancy, Business Administration, E-Commerce, Finance, Economics and Marketing. As we all know Indian economy is fastest growing economy, the need for talented professionals, who can contribute towards the growth of the economy, is increasing.

Q. What makes Vishesh Academy of Commerce different from other commerce Institutes?

Competition in every domain and industry has persuaded people to think deeply for the options. Education domain is not an exception of this as competition can be seen in this domain is very high. When it comes to choose institute for CA and CS students look for different things like educational environment, teacher’s experience, old student’s reviews, innovative tools and devices to teach, parent interactions with teachers, events, and way of marketing to reach target audience and a lot more play an important role in making an institution the right one to take admission. Thus, all these things are the main highlights of Vishesh that makes it the first choice for commerce students.