Vikas Lahoriya (Humans of Hisar)

Vikas Lahoriya

Vikas lahoriya was born on November 26, 1978 to reputed Lahoriya family of Hisar. He did his schooling from family school Lahoriya Vidya Mandir and graduated in commerce from Jat college in the year 1999. After graduation, he got to indulge himself in family business and started helping the family.

Vaster Niketan, a multibrand showroom having exclusive range of suits, sarees, readymade garments and kids wear is a brand name in Hisar’s market which is owned by Vikas Lahoriya. Indeed, he is a true businessman but a great social worker too. He is compassionate and deeply supportive in working for needy and poor people. At present, he is serving as the Vice–President of Bharat Vikas Parishad. He with his team members has a motto to educate 1100 poor and backward girls to class 8th so as to make them self-dependant. They are near to their goal as 500 girls have already been educated till now.

The best thing about Vikas Lahoriya Ji is that he is not only doing business and earning money but giving time and serving society. He manages his time in a very orderly manner. He keeps his week day off only for social work and social camps. He is an active member of Azad Bharat NGO which organizes blood donation and save environment camps on regular basis.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish as a social worker?

Every task whether it is small or big is incomplete without a goal. Before heading for a work, we all set our aim and mission. And being a social worker, my aim is to or I want to work in the direction of girl education. In country like India, where there is gender inequality, girls are considered burden on family and they are not allowed to get primary education like boys. To remove the social stigmas, educating every girl child is necessary so that they will be able to read and write and become independent. If the female of family is educated, I’m sure half of the social issues will not take place. Thus, with my social work, I would encourage everyone to move forward to work in this direction so that we can save our nation.

Q . As we can see Ecommerce industry is growing at a fast pace. Being an owner of a multi brand showroom, how will you see the survival rate in coming years of showroom owners?

Yes, it is true that people are taking interest in online shopping nowadays as it is convenient and time saving. They can shop from the comfort of their home and avail easy return from the doorstep. But I have seen that people are busy in buying branded items like watches, jeans, cosmetics, stationery etc. through online mode. There are many clothing items that are still buy offline by the customer. Take an example of wedding shopping, people don’t buy bridal lehangas and embroidery suits online as the variety and quality of fiber can’t be judged online. So no doubt ecommerce industry has spread its wings but survival rate for multi brand showrooms are not less and their charm will not fade away.