AMAN VERMA (Humans of Hisar )

Determination and perseverance are two factors that make an ordinary person extraordinary. 

Aman Verma once got appendix surgery in childhood and was instructed by doctors to not lift weight in the future but when lifted 260kg weight in powerlifting competition became a source example of dedication and determination for all. Aman who done his schooling and engineering from Hisar currently running CORE GYM and giving fitness tips to the public. His passion for health and fitness can be seen since his school days where he stood the best athlete in school on an annual sports day for two consecutive years. 

He has done B.Tech in Printing Technology from GJU. Under family pressure, he took this course of study but his love for fitness was going along with it. During graduation at University, he earned Gold Medal in weight lifting, powerlifting & best Physique games in for three consecutive years. 

There’s a time came in everyone’s life when they have to choose between passion and profession. Circumstances forced him to take up a job in the printing field but just after two years, he gave up a job and entered the printing business. During business, he got the chance of visiting Dronacharya Gym from where his passion for fitness again imbibed and this time with more zeal. The decision he took this time was to become a professional fitness trainer and for that, he worked hard and earned 16 certifications in fitness and health in which 2 are of international level. Perceiving the increased demand of professional fitness trainer, he opened CORE GYM in the year 2014 where he has trained more than 40 high profile athletes, wrestlers, mountaineers, and sportsperson along with 8 to 9,000 common people. 

Training exposure:
Certified Kinesio Taping Expert
Certified Cupping therapy Expert
Weight loss expert for special Population.
Certified Drug supplements specialist.
Rehab express
Rehab essential
Certified Rehab Master Trainer in Yoga Science & Therapy PGD

Players/Athletics Associated with him  
Akhil Kumar Boxer (Boxing) Ex Olympian Commonwealth Medalist.
Jitender (Boxing) Arjuna Awardee.
Pooja Dhanda (Wrestling) 
Pooja & Seema (International wrestling player) 
Pushpa Mittal (3 times Karate Gold Medal in National games & International Player of Karate.
Sonika (International Hockey Player)
Deepanshu Poonia (Skater) Guinness Book of World Record Holder.
Supriya (Indian Archery Team Player)
Harsh Soni (Model/Actor)
Elina Tuteja (Model/Actor)
Mohit Jain (International Yoga Athlete)
Manisha Payal (Mount Everester) 
Rohtash Khileri (Famous by Commando of Mountainer)

Q: What are the current trends in the fitness and health industry that we should follow to stay healthy?

 A:  The concepts of health and wellness are becoming more important for consumers, fitness has become a more relevant goal for many people. Many fitness trends have remained consistent over the years but there is always room for innovation. Today’s consumer desire for unique experiences, personalization, and freedom, so it’s crucial to get ahead of trends to provide quality service. Some fitness trends to follow are: 
1. The top motivator for consumers to go for workout nowadays is group training. The social aspects of group training are appealing to consumers and that’s why it’s the highest encouraging factor. 
2. Functional training is the fastest and efficient way to get stronger and burn calories. Functional training means working on muscles mostly used in daily tasks. This training ensures long-term, injury-free, health, and fitness plan.
3. Hybrid Fitness classes are in trend now which means a combo of High-Intensity interval training with yoga, also known as Yogalates (a combination of Yoga and Pilates)
4. The fitness regimen is incomplete without a diet plan or chart. The trend is shifting to veganism. Veganism means having a totally plant-based diet, no inclusion of animal products. 
5. Last but not least is the technology in the form of apps and wearables that have renovated the fitness industry. People are looking forward to fitness apps and wearables to enjoy health and wellness regimens in a fun and entertaining way. 


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