Mr. Rajesh Goyal, CEO, Sankalp Career Institute (Humans of Hisar)

When one is determined and knows what he wants in life, choosing the right path becomes easy.

Mr. Rajesh Goyal, a successful businessman, and parenting coach, was born and brought up in Punjab
but came to Hisar for living due to early demise of his father Mr. Goyal is a man who followed his
instinct and left the cashier job at Jindal strips in just 21 days because his mind was into business and he wants to do work for himself, not for anyone else. He started his business journey becoming the distributor of Cadbury, Dabur, Lakme, and Mother Dairy.

Although Mr. Goyal became an incredible businessman but wanted his children to become someone in a journey of educating and paving the path of his children he gained parenting acumen.
As a result of today, his daughter Saloni Is pursuing  MBBS from LADY HARDINGE MEDICAL COLLEGE, NEW DELHI and ALSO RECEIVED gold medal from vice president of India, Mr.Venkaiah Naidu and his son Vansh is pursuing BDS from MAULANA AZAD MEDICAL COLLEGE, NEW DELHI.

The first instance that led him to be friendly with children was when his daughter Saloni went to Kota for NEET preparation. He at first realized the importance of parenting when he saw that renowned parents left their job and business for educating their children and were staying there along
with them so as to provide good parental support. This made him realized that children’s education is of utmost importance and priority and to shine their future brightly, they need to strongly support the right parenting. With personal experiences on Saloni and Vansh, and other close relatives and friends, his parenting skills got honed and he became a professional renowned parenting coach. At present, he is serving and directing young minds at Sankalp career Institute (a premier institute for IITJEE/NEET) in the position of CEO and giving parenting tips in his venture called Parvarish.

Q: Why learning parenting skills is important as every parent know very well how to raise their kid?

A: Although every parent knows how to raise their child sometime it becomes necessary to learn for betterment. We often as a parent believe in giving punishments and asking innumerable questions from children which hampers there growth and confidence.instead every parent must learn and understand that appropriate parenting skills provide an environment that nurtures a healthy parent-child relationship that allows families to achieve peace and child prosperity. A caring and kind attitude of the parent at home encourage loving nature in child who eventually become well-adjusted members of society. A Positive parent sets boundaries and lets the children know what habits are expected. Kids in these cases are more apt to take their parents ' lead because the bond is strong and the child knows that their parent is on their side. A parent always wants children to choose the right thing to do but this could be made understood to the child by appropriate counseling and the right parent-child bond.

Q: How you paved the path of Parvarish- for the Parent by the Parent?

A: Parvarish- for the Parent by the Parent, guides parent about techniques that work well for raising children with discipline and good moral values. The parent-child relationship is important to fill the generation gap. While raising my children Saloni and Vansh, I went through many ups and downs, one side I saw parents who left everything for their child’s study and on another side those who are unaware of the child’s future. In that condition, I applied some positive parenting skills to
myself and saw the results. After that, I guided many relatives and parents and they all experience a positive outcome in which they felt that it wouldn’t have been possible without acquiring the right parenting skills. Thus, by analyzing that parenting is an art and every parent is an artist but some require directions on how to color the canvas of children’s life. Thus Parvarish was inaugurated to provide positive parenting solutions for instilling moral values, good manners, and discipline, in budding stars of every stage.