Naresh Jangra (Humans of Hisar)

                         Naresh Jangra (Hisar Associates)
Naresh Jangra, a son of a contractor who did his schooling from village Ladwa and B.Sc from Govt college Hisar; is now a successful property dealer in Hisar. After graduation along with handling his father’s business, he became a member of congress and an ardent follower of Kuldeep Bishnoi Ji. 

Being interested in property dealing business and realizing that land is need of every common man, he opened city heights real estate business where he buys, sells and rent the properties at reasonable rates. As an active member of Congress party, he has traveled about all over the Haryana and done business deals over the state. Doing business deals all over the state led him to rethink the business name as now he was not confined to Hisar only; so he changed the name city heights real estate to Haryana Associates in the year 2014. Haryana Associates is a brand name in the real estate industry of Hisar. 

Under Hisar Associates, he has done many projects and given the best and trustworthy service to people whether it is to buy, sell or rent a property, customers rely on Haryana Associates. 
Along with interest in business and politics, Naresh Jangra is an active social worker too. His dedication to society can be seen from the fact that he joined the Lok Nirman NGO as a stranger who only used to give donations for saving girl child mission has now become a family member of Lok Nirman NGO. For his support and contribution to society, he has been honored with the Best social worker award by Lok Nirman NGO and also got Excellence and Social Achievement award.  

Q: What piece of advice will you give to people who are planning to enter the real estate business in the year 2020?
A: Property business is a very critical business and the decision to join the real estate industry is a difficult task. It is called difficult because the decision should be taken with a clear mindset and planning as real estate is a challenging business that requires talent, organization, networking, and perseverance. The real estate broker needs to have some special qualities like planning, knowing the market structure, being honest, developing a niche, encouraging referrals, understanding the risks, investment, and building a network. If anyone who has the risk-taking ability can make a decision to take up this business. 

Q: We often see that a person who follows any party or leader, eventually enter politics. What you have to say about this? You are also on the path of following, so are you also planning to enter the politics?
A: Yes, the statement is true. Any person who enters politics can be seen following party ideas and a leader so as to learn the tactics of politics. Following a party idea and party leader will let a person know the basics of politics, how, where, and what to speak. Leaders are those who run the party thus they are the great planners, executors, networker, and orator in all. These all qualities that are necessarily being a political leader, we get to learn when to follow a leader. 
No doubt, I am a follower and it is apt to ask will I also join the politics. The answer to the question can be yes but not sure when I will join the politics.