Pankaj Kaswan (Humans of Hisar )

Pankaj Kaswan 
When you work hard for getting something but not able to get that, you prepare for it more fiercely and passionately. Pankaj Kaswan is a wonderful example of commitment and dedication towards his dream sports football. During his school days, once he was not able to qualify for the school football team. After that incident, he did work hard and with regular practice, able to play at the national level. 

After this, he went to Delhi and continued to play from different clubs at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium and many more. During his Delhi journey, he met with a serious accidental injury while playing which slowed down his career growth for a few months. With firm determination, he again entered the football court but the unhealed injury made him again on rest mode for 6 months. During these 6 months, he practiced regularly with more motivation and overcame his depression. He got ready for the ground once again, gave trials for the national team and got selected.

He played against different football teams like Pune city FC, Patiala, Sikkim, Kolkata, Meghalaya and traveled to a lot of other places in India. While traveling, he felt that his home town Hisar is not having any professional football club and academy that can prepare players for playing at the national level. From there he planned and started Football club in Hisar in the year 2017. His Inazuma Liones Football club was developed to prepare a pathway for every young boy and girl who wishes to follow his dreams and become a professional football player. Inazuma lions football club mission statement  “To be a leader of football sport in the country and promote football in the Haryana region by providing a platform for the local talents and establishing futuristic training methods, and with passion and commitment. ILFC also being the first professional football club of Haryana state that comprises players who have played at the state and national levels. From the year 2018 -2019, 11 students have been played for the Haryana State team.

Q: It is always being said that games bring no benefit to an individual. What you have to say about it? 

A: It is totally a myth. Games and sports are an important part of human life as they help in overall physical as well as mental growth of children. Like in football, players run, kick, dodge, sprint, and jump, and constantly twist and turn their body which increases endurance, promotes agility and develops physical coordination in them. Children also learn to socialize and the importance of teamwork by getting engaged in different types of sports.

Q: Generally we have seen that kids have an interest in sports like cricket more as compared to football. What message for normal youth and parents you want to give so that their interest in football arises?

A: All children have sporting skills right from birth but the important thing is that such skills can only be polished and refined under the guidance of experts and professional coaches. To develop an interest in football among children, they should learn the basics as well as some of the most important techniques related to the football game in football classes. The best way to learn about football is to watch it played by professionals and the best way to learn about a sport is to get out there and actually playing it.