Rakesh Khandelwal 
A true entrepreneur is one who started his journey with no capital, no funding and sometimes no education or experience, yet despite the odds, still able to build massive success. Rakesh Khandelwal is such an entrepreneur who had little knowledge about the market and its scenario but was filled with passion and determination in mind started own outdoor advertising agency.

Rakesh Khandelwal born in the year 1992 has done his schooling from Government Senior Secondary school and Graduation in Computer Applications from Jat College, Hisar. During college time, his inclination towards social service was more and with the support and motivation of his elder brother Manoj Khandelwal, he founded an NGO Ek Kadam Zindagi Ki Aur. Ek Kadam Zindagi Ki Aur is an organization that works for providing blood to a patient at the time of emergency. From time to time, Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur conducts blood donation camps and provide help to patients.
During the graduation time, Rakesh has done a lot of campaigning to highlight the NGO and from there he realized the necessity of marketing and advertising material for any business or an enterprise. After graduation, understanding the market need, he entered into an outdoor Advertising Business and opened the CDM Advertising agency. CDM is a trusted agency in Hisar providing advertising solutions with the best ideas and management. He under CDM agency also conducts many events for branding or provides a platform for business promotion with the help of ground activities. He has corporate clients and works in Gurgaon city also.

With time, skills and experience helped him to grow but to upgrade himself in the field of advertising, he decided to do MBA in 2015 so that advertising planning for any business can be done effectively and efficiently. His mission is to grow Hisar and for that, he is helping others and doing business of outdoor advertising.

Q: What makes an event successful and how you measure that success?

A: There are many barometers on which the success of an event depends. Measuring the event's success is important as measuring help in improvement.

1. First of all measure the revenue and cost: every event planner should take three things into consideration like Anticipated cost versus actual cost, anticipated revenue versus actual revenue, Actual cost versus actual revenue. Event Success is totally measurable if the organizer’s targeted goals for the revenue have been achieved.

2. Attendee feedback: Feedback is the best form of measuring event success. Asking the questions from the event attendees and getting their response is the best tool for understanding the event experience.

3. Social Media Activity Track: Doing social media activity prior to an event will give a boost to it and after the event, monitoring what attendees are saying, posting and commenting on social media will help in measuring the event's success.

4. Coverage by Media: Pay attention to pre-and post-event publicity created. Positive coverage of your event helps to build trust and awareness about your brand and the case. If one of your goals is to raise awareness about the brand, media coverage can be a great indicator of your event's success and may improve attendance and monetary revenue for future events.


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