Struggles in life keep a person’s motivation high. The line is proven right for Mr. Subhash Godara, a young mind who has faced many obstacles in his early life but now he is a well-established businessman in Hisar. 
Born in the year 1993, did graduation in commerce from Jat college, was doing small business activities since school time but during graduation, he studied the market scenario and implied that for any startup or running business, marketing is an essential component. According to his research, every business irrespective e of its nature and size, require printing and advertising material, this made his mindset and with determination, he started the business of printing in the year 2015.
He installed single color offset machine under the name Hare Krishna Printing Press where he started with poster and pamphlets printing. With printing, he was parallelly engaged in designing also. While working, he noticed that every business demands new and creative design for advertising themselves, this made Subhash Godara work beyond printing and he entered designing and outdoor advertising service along with printing and also renamed Hare Krishna Printing Press business as Godara Advertisers in 2015.

At Godara Advertisers, he updated the system according to market demand and brought flex printing machine and initiated providing every service related to outdoor advertising like banner, flex, visiting card, logo, poster, and pamphlets designing and printing.

Q: Being a businessman and outdoor advertising service provider both, what you think how outdoor advertising campaign should be planned?

 A: Outdoor advertising is a term that describes any type of marketing campaign that reaches consumers when they’re outside their homes. Outdoor media is necessary because it reaches hundreds of thousands of people. It's usually very quick and impactful but in today’s world of smartphones and gadgets where average consumer’s attention is drawn to a small screen, it becomes quite essential to approach outdoor advertising strategy with careful planning and precision. A businessman must ensure the following terms before applying any strategy for outdoor advertising:  
1. The campaign must create a stir. It must be creative and eye-catching so as to reap the benefits of investing time and money into it.
2. Deciding type of techniques that likely to work best for your business – digital or analog billboards, large or small billboards, long term or short term displays – they all count and offer different benefits.
3. Researching the audience’s preferences thoroughly can help in designing the perfect campaign.
4. Depending on objectives, the location should be pre-decided as different locations will have different success rates.

Q: You are very young and have achieved great heights in your professional life. How you can enlighten the society with your experiences?

A: Being a youth I understand what obstacles a person can suffer while achieving his/her dreams. If there is someone who can motivate and encourage them, they feel energetic and try to give their best. To motivate the young minds, I have established a POWER OF YOUTH club under which we honor those individuals who are genius in sports and studies but lack resources so as to achieve their dreams. We understand their potential and try to give wings to their aspiration. Thus, to provide my full support, I entered politics in the year 2019 and fight for MLA seat from the BSP party so as to leave no stone unturned in motivating the youth.