Umesh Ratan Sharma (Humans of Hisar )

Mr. Umesh rattan Sharma is an Entrepreneur and social worker who knows the value of education for any individual in life. Umesh Sharma is the founder of Nayi Rahein, a school that works for the education of underprivileged children since 2012.

Born and brought up in Hisar, Umesh rattan has excelled in every area of life, including his academic and professional life. Umesh Sharma has done his graduation from Guru Jambheshwar University with a Bachelor of Technology degree in the year 2009. After completing graduation, his entrepreneurial skills lay the foundation of the Victory Hub computer education Institute. Social work was the one thing that excites him and he is passionate about it since graduation days. He always believes if you have something to offer to poor and needy, offer them. With this thought process in mind, he formed a group of like-minded people and started working for the society. While working, he saw that a large group of people is not able to get primary education because of poor economic conditions. Thus, to provide primary education to underprivileged children, he opened Nayi Raahein School in the year 2012.

The Nayi Raahein school strives for the equal opportunity of education for underprivileged children. The work done by the Nayi Raahein school needs no words for its achievement. Their results speak like this: 15 students have passed out after completing class fifth and pursuing their schooling in reputed schools of the town. These students take admission in the RTE quota as per the norms and the Nayi Raahein is taking care of their educational needs. The never thought achievement of their children made parents proud and because e of which enrollment of new students is increasing every year.

A person’s survival is the main thing in this world and to survive, one has to work. With his social work, Umesh Sharma is running their school café idea in which they provide healthy meal including fresh fruits and vegetables to school students during lunchtime. The idea behind the school café is that students require an optimum amount of healthy meals too with quality teaching at school. This shows that with entrepreneurship he also believes to take care of society whether it is the education of children or health.

Q: So many NGOs are working in the same direction as you are, what you think if you all work in collaboration, the effect can become three folds or not?
A:  I agree there are many NGOs that are working on the same module as Nayi Raahien but I also believe that everyone has different strategies and planning. Like we work on a theme that if you have something extra, give it those who don’t have. Individual NGOs will contribute differently to society to make the system better and everyone will give their best to serve.

Q: How people can go for social work if they are having a busy schedule?
A: People do care about what is happening in the world.  Whether it is about education, climate change, animals, underprivileged but having a busy life filled with work, hobbies, family, and friends and business makes it difficult to spare time for social work. If one engages strategically and meaningfully with social change while juggling busy life is also termed as Social work. A person can donate money to the organizations for the social cause they support if they themselves can’t spend time on social work.


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