Vikas & Vipul Mittal (Hisar Photostat)

If there is a passion for work, then nothing in the world can stop you from achieving success. This has been reflected by the city’s Entrepreneur Mr. Bharat Bhushan Mittal, who started work from a photocopy shop Hisar Photostat in the year 1996 at City Thana Road, Hisar. To be readily available to their customers, they shifted themselves from city Thana Road to #31-33, New Palika Bazar, Opp. GJUS&T Gate No. 3, Hisar in the year 2001. Hisar Photostat is now a well-established brand name in the field of Printing Technology. He believes that if you move forward with positive thinking and hard work, then money will automatically come to you. This belief has led him to grow many folds since its inception.

To keep oneself strong and successful in the market, keeping pace with advance technology is necessary. To grow the family business to new heights, Vipul and Vikas Mittal -sons of Mr. Bharat Bhushan Mittal did their studies in relating technological fields and took new steps for increasing the brand value of Hisar Photostat. Vipul Mittal, the elder son has done MCA and BCA from GJUS&T, Hisar and Vikas Mittal, the younger son has done B. Electronics & Communication Engineering and M. Tech. in Bio & Nanotechnology from GJUS&T, Hisar.

Vipul and Vikas with their knowledge and farsightedness introduced color printing machine in their business and become the first digital color printing service provider in Hisar. Hisar Photostat offers any kind of designing, all types of printing, Binding (Spiral, Wiro, Soft & Hard Binding) and cutting (Half & Full Cut) facilities as they have well-experienced staffs and latest technology machines who deliver work very quickly with the best quality. Hisar Photostat is a one-stop solution for all printing purposes as they provide Black & White and Color Photostat, Black & White and Color Printout, Poster Printing, Large Format Printing (Architectural Drawings, Glossy Paper & Canvas Printing), all types of the label (white, silver, golden, vinyl & transparent gumming) printing, Lamination, Scanning, &offset CTCP Plate printing under one roof. Hisar Photostat acts as a panacea for students undergoing university project reports& thesis work and need printing materials on a large basis.

Q: The impact of social media has changed consumer behavior and they expect a more personalized experience. How this will impact the printing industry?

A: The print industry is not an exception in demand for personalized and customized products. Now customers design their own products, and thanks to the web to print systems, print companies can offer a lot of customization through templates, complex QR codes, and web applications that send the print job digitally to the printer. The consequence of the personalized experience is the expansion of the printing services offered by companies and the introduction of custom services such as design, layout, packaging, 3D printing and more.

Q: How Technology innovation is pushing the printing industry forward? 

A: Technology is the most important thing in setting a trend in the printing industry. The printing industry will have advanced technology in the coming years in which printing can be done on any surface and material. The advanced machinery will require little or no maintenance; it has increased efficiency and decreased costs, high printing speed and good image quality.  Although 3D printing is still some way off from being commonly used but is no wonder that 3D printing is set to play a pivotal role in the manufacturing process in times to come. With erasable printing technology, incorrect material that has been pointed can be removed by using a heat plate system that can save time and material. The entrance of online printing platforms will enhance connectivity among the customers, sellers and the print shops located around the globe. 


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