About Magazine

HUMANS OF HISAR is an enlightening and inspiring magazine which captures the riveting lives of the people of Hisar and helps its audience to get to know some of the gems a little bit better.

The word “Humans of Hisar” indicates the specific aim that this magazine designed for. People do great new things by stepping out of the box. Every story shared in Humans of Hisar celebrates experiences, big and small, irrespective of attitudes, incomes and age. This issue has the hope, ambitions and successes of both old and young people from the city. Human of Hisar is an insightful time of meeting these talented people of Hisar and learning from them so that you take back some sparkling inspiration with you!

Our sincere thanks to each and every person who shared his/ her experiences and lend their full support during the journey. Without their patience and moral support, Humans of Hisar wouldn’t have been possible.